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Lemonade by LEMONICA was first created in Kanazawa in Japan 2017. The city is well-known for its culture, crafts, and cuisine and often affectionately called “Little Kyoto”. The owner Seiji Kawamura spent several years perfecting the drink recipe with the LEMONICA team in his hometown and finally opened his first store in Kanazawa.It didn’t take long before long queues started forming at the store as the drink grew in popularity. Sourcing fresh lemons in their best condition from around the world and hand processing each lemon kept regular customers happy and drew in new crowds eager to try the natural and wholesome beverage.

After three years of data showing continuous growth, Seiji realized it was time to introduce his lemonade to the rest of Japan. He decided on setting up a partnership franchise model so that LEMONICA could quickly expand across Japan and chose Shimokitazawa for the first franchise shop location. This stylish area of Tokyo is frequented by fashionable trend setters, and not only did the shop became extremely popular but it also started featuring in national media sites. Fast forward a few years to 2022 and now there are over 100 LEMONICA lemonade shops across Japan.

Seiji and the LEMONICA team are looking to expand the business overseas. From this summer you’ll be able to taste the special lemonade at our London store, and we look forward to the day when our lemonade will be available throughout the UK and Europe. 

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